Women’s Team

Beijing She-devils

The She-Devils are a dynamic women’s rugby 10s team, who proudly embody diversity, strength, and a shared passion for the game. Our team consists of players of various nationalities, spanning different age groups and backgrounds. Whether they bring experience or youthful vigour, every member of our team is bound by their love for rugby and the camaraderie that follows the final whistle.

Within our ranks, you’ll find a diverse range of professions, including teachers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more. This amalgamation of talents both on and off the field fuels our determination to excel in the sport we hold dear. 

Match Days
Match Days are the heartbeat of our club. Each Saturday, our She-Devils take to the pitch for matches against our local rivals. The atmosphere is fantastic and we have a huge social following who love nothing more than cheering us on from the sidelines.

At the heart of our mission is not just winning, but also the principles that bind us as a team. While victory is a cherished goal, we never lose sight of the values that make rugby truly special. When the final whistle signals the end of the match, we come together to celebrate our achievements and raise a toast at our beloved local pub, reminiscing about moments and achievement during the match.

But our commitment goes beyond the thrill of competition. We take pride in coaching and nurturing players of all levels, including beginners. Our team is a place where newcomers are warmly welcomed, where they can learn the fundamentals of the game, grow their skills, and feel part of a supportive community. Whether you’re a seasoned player or taking your first steps onto the pitch, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Join us as we not only build a formidable team but also cultivate a vibrant space where women’s rugby flourishes. 

Our team is built upon a shared commitment to training and growth. While our desire for on-field success remains, our foremost priority is providing a supportive environment where players can flourish. We hold teamwork, dedication, and continuous improvement in high regard.

In our training sessions, we cater to individuals of all skill levels, including newcomers to the sport. Safety is paramount, and we ensure that everyone feels at ease as they engage in our carefully crafted drills and exercises. Our seasoned coaching staff are dedicated to guiding each player, offering valuable insights to help them refine their abilities. 

Yet, our training program goes beyond skill development alone. It is an avenue to forge new connections, form lasting friendships, and revel in the joy of collective growth. We understand that the camaraderie cultivated during training is as vital as the technical aspects of the game. 

Whether you are an experienced player looking to elevate your game or someone intrigued by rugby, eager to embark on this thrilling journey, we extend a warm invitation. Join our team and immerse yourself in a supportive and enjoyable training environment, where you can unleash your potential, be part of a community, and experience the sheer exhilaration of pushing your boundaries.

She-devils Players

Veronika Chan
Teacher @International School of Beijing
Teacher @International School of Beijing
Hannah Day
Second Row
Teacher @International School of Beijing
Allison Mars
Front Row
Teacher @International School of Beijing
Jammie Scott
Second Row
Teacher @Dulwich College of Beijing
Reagan Monroe
Second Row
Student @International School of Beijing
Taylor Monroe
Student @International School of Beijing
Front Row
Teacher @Harrow International School

Players Testimonials

From the moment of arriving into Beijing as a young expat and for the following decade, the Devils always provided a family away from home. The club has always stood for traditional rugby values of community, inclusivity and fun! This was further demonstrated in the formation of the She Devils during that time, which brought a more holistic, family-oriented culture to the club.

One absolute highlight during my playing days with the Devils was the tours, both domestically in China and overseas. Those memories and friendships made, will be cherished for the rest of my life.

For better or for worse, the Devils was, and still is, a huge part of my life and helped shape who I am today. As they say, ‘Once a Devil, Always a Devil!’.

Josh Kernan
(Devil 2008 – 2018, Club Captain 2009-2011)

When I joined the Devil’s Rugby Club as a complete novice to team sports, I was looking to make new friends in a new city. Little did I know that I would end up meeting my husband and that our daughter would become a regular at every match. 

The Devils are more than just a rugby club – they’re family. They make it hard to leave and so easy to stay. Our club motto is ‘Once a Devil, always a Devil.’ and it’s evident from the rate of returning players. From training to matches, tours to family days, we’re always up for a good time. 

Our team spirit is unmatched and the banter is always flowing on and off the field. It is amazing how rugby can bring people together and create lasting friendships. Joining the Devil’s Rugby Club was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I’m proud to call myself a Devil for life. 

Vicki Turnbull
(Devil 2016 – current)

I had such an amazing journey with the Devils and hand on heart I wouldn’t have stayed in Beijing as long as I did without this amazing club and more importantly the amazing people! This is far more than just a rugby club, it’s a family. I joined the club (claiming I could catch a ball and play 12… didn’t last long… back to the front row/ bench), I was inspired to get involved, started as Social Secretary, became captain (mainly so I could pick myself in any position) and finished as Chair (begged the coach/ captain to start me).

It’ was an amazing 12 years; this club has given me more than I could have ever imagined. It was a genuine honour and privilege to serve as Chairman, I truly love this club and all the people in it, from epic tours in Shanghai/ Seoul/ Guangzhou to sessions in the pub to Yanjings and national anthems on the back of the bus – I’ve loved it all! To anyone reading this… get in contact and get involved, I promise it will be the best thing you do in Beijing, you will have friends and memories that will last a life time. 

Steve Lynch
(Devil 2011 – 2023, Club Captain 2015-2018)