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Devils began in 1992 from humble beginnings.

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We’d love to go into more detail, but what goes on tour, stays on tour! 


Since the club’s formation, it has experienced significant growth and become a Beijing institution. The club not only plays in China’s capital city but goes on tour to play other amateur expat sides around the world. We have a men’s side and a women’s side who enjoy socials together and support each other on and off the pitch.

The culture of the Devils has always been about playing quality rugby and maintaining the spirit and camaraderie of rugby as an inclusive sport.

Thinking of moving to Beijing?

Beijing is an exciting, historic yet modern city that has transformed dramatically in recent times, notably in the past decade or two.  The cost of living here is significantly lower than most major cities, which means your money goes a lot further. China’s capital city boasts a massive array of fun things including sports, arts, cultural events, leisure, etc.

Beijing is a hub for tech worldwide and the place to be for entrepreneurs. Salaries here are often high. Many of our club members are employed by international schools, who pay well and offer comprehensive benefits. Are you a qualified, dynamic professional who also happens to enjoy rugby? We can point you in the direction of exciting opportunities in education and other fields in Beijing. 

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